Audio Operator

Audio Operator



The Audio Operator is responsible for sound checks, equipment placement, volume and quality of sound during live and taped productions.


Setting up sound and recording equipment, adjusting and testing the equipment Activating and adjusting various sound sources including microphones, audio playback devices, remote venue should (live shots), routable sound devices and sources and other sound generating sources Creating, maintaining and adjusting proper mix of sound sources in a live and/or recorded environment Maintaining and managing audio devices and resources such as: audio mixing board, microphones, music playback devices and other sound generating or playback sources Operates Audio Mixing Board during live broadcasts and during recorded shows Adjusts positions and controls of cameras to change focus, exposure and lighting as requested by the Newscast Director Operates studio cameras or remote cameras during live broadcasts Confers with Newscast Directors and other crew and staff members to discuss show rundowns, desired effects, camera movements and lighting requirements Sets up cameras and related equipment Tests, cleans and maintains camera, lighting and studio equipment Produces graphics for newscast Operates graphics production to create graphics for the newscast Performs other duties as assigned


Must be able to perform all duties under high stress situations and conditions Must have excellent interpersonal skills Excellent communication skills, both oral and written Proficiency with computers, telephone, copiers, scanners, fax machines and other office equipment Ability to meet deadlines, prioritize assignments and handle multiple tasks simultaneously


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